Joining forces
for success

Community is a power that creates success and can

move mountains. With strong partners at one’s side,

achieving one’s goals is so much easier. That is why

the MHK Group assists its commercial partners with

industry know-how and a comprehensive service offering.

Strong and courageous
into the future

The future depends on us. It is shaped by those who are

ready to act at the crucial moment. All MHK Group partners

shape their own future and travel new roads. Become a part

of our strong Europe-wide community.

› Partnerships for manufacturing and commerce
through change

Change means not clinging to old structures and habits.

The history of the MHK Group was shaped from the start by

innovative strength, business acumen and commitment.

This strategy ensured that the company has been

successful from the start.

› Development of the MHK Group
Growth based on

Growth is not just a matter of development, but also of progress.

Being responsible in knowing what needs to be done is the key

to success. The MHK Group management acts reliably and

conscientiously on behalf of all its commercial partners,

industrial partners and employees.

› The MHK Group management