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Becoming a partner


Achieving success with MHK UK

Your advantages as an MHK UK partner are obvious. Start benefiting from the diversity and quality of MHK Services: procurement at excellent conditions, audience-oriented advertising, comprehensive guidance, finance and insurance services, a dedicated investment plan and capital reserve; but also internet, extranet and social media services - all of these are included. And everything is developed and managed by experts.

Valuable synergies

With us, you are free to decide your own course, because you choose the cooperative and concept that best reflects your specific requirements, aspirations and objectives. Furthermore, our suppliers of kitchen furniture, electrical appliances and accessories will ensure the best possible sales opportunities.

Work with us to create the valuable synergies of the MHK Group community.

The MHK Group strengthens partners locally – internationally and professionally.

How to become a partner

You would like for your retail business to become an MHK UK partner? We are truly pleased that you are interested in our services. Contact us now! To become an MHK UK partner, you can also directly fill out and return the form below. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Your contact:

Paul Wheeler
Sales Director
Telephone: +44 7876 873301

David Morris
Sales Manager
Telephone: +44 7500 595744