MHK International
Development of the MHK Group

A company with a history

The development of the MHK Group began in Frankfurt in the year 1980, when Mr Hans Strothoff founded the musterhaus küchen Cooperation. His goal was to strengthen specialist retail businesses and secure their long-term viability. At the beginning, the main task was about improving and securing optimum purchase conditions. However, it soon became clear that our commercial partners also needed support in other areas of their business. Therefore, various services were developed for our members.

We network and trade across Europe

Bundled competence

All the services are provided by our own companies. Our group now includes, among others, a bank, a software company, a training academy, and an advertising and internet company. In marketing and advertising, the MHK Group has been striving to build synergies, in contrast to other cooperatives. In Germany this led, among others, to the creation of the shared umbrella brand ‘musterhaus küchen Fachgeschäft’. The company now has over 3,200 partners who in 2019 achieved a combined revenue of more than 6,6 billion, which makes us one of the leading cooperatives on the European market for specialist kitchen retail businesses.

Strong everywhere in Europe

Today, the MHK Group is established in eight European countries. In all those countries, our partners benefit from excellent purchase conditions and a broad service offering. Business in each country is conducted by the respective local companies.

  • Germany. Head office: Dreieich bei Frankfurt / M. (MHK Group, founded in 1980)
  • Austria. Head office: Bad Ischl (MHK Österreich, founded in 1990)
  • Netherlands.  Head office: IJsselstein (MHK Nederland, founded in 1994)
  • Belgium. Head office: Eupen (MHK Belgium, founded in 1997)
  • Luxembourg. Head office: Eupen (MHK Belgium, founded in 1997)
  • Switzerland. Head office: Zurich (MHK Schweiz, founded in 2006)
  • Spain. Head office: Las Matas / Madrid (MHK Iberica, founded in 2006)
  • Great Britain. Head office: Birmingham (MHK UK, founded in 2017) 
Development of the MHK Group