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Tradition and innovation

MHK Holding UK LTD is a subsidiary of the MHK Group AG, one of the largest European purchasing and service groups. It was founded in 1980 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany by Hans Strothoff. His goal was to strengthen medium-sized specialist shops and secure their livelihoods in the long term. As a native of Bremen, Hans Strothoff acted according to the Hanseatic merchant honor and geared both his actions and that of his company to it. Through commitment and a wealth of ideas, the company quickly developed into one of the leading European full-service associations. Today, specialist trade and craft companies in the kitchen and living, sanitary / heating / air conditioning and residential construction / renovation sectors benefit from its services.

Comprehensive support

All services are provided by our own companies. The group now includes a bank, software company, training academy and an advertising and internet agency. In the area of marketing and advertising, the MHK Group relied on its own synergies from the start, in contrast to other associations. In Germany, for example, the joint umbrella brand “musterhaus küchen Fachgeschäft” was developed. The company today has over 3,400 partners who generated sales of 7,657 billion euros in 2020.

Coordination and organisation

The MHK Group is organized as a stock corporation and acts as a management holding company. She coordinates all activities and business of the associations and service companies belonging to the group of companies. The MHK Group AG is managed by a management board and advised and controlled by an independent supervisory board.

MHK Group AG