MHK Supervisory Board
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Supervisory Board

Independent advice and auditing

The Supervisory Board of MHK Group AG supervises and advises the Board of Directors in its management of the business. For the fulfilment of its duties, it includes independent experts from a wide range of disciplines, who together possess all the necessary knowledge and skills. Fundamental decisions require its consent. It lays down the information and reporting obligations of the Board, appoints the members of the Board, and together with the Board plans their long-term succession. The Supervisory Board regularly audits the efficacy of the Board's activities.

Members of the Supervisory Board:
Prof. Rainer Kirchdörfer

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Meinhard Mundt

Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Auditor, tax advisor

Dr. Kurt-Ludwig Gutberlet


Jörg Hashagen

Certified Public Accountant

Emmerich Müller


Dr. Oliver Streit