MHK UK Cooperative

Together we are committed to the future.

Marketing, commerce, cooperation

MHK UK is part of the MHK Group, European market leader in specialist kitchen and furniture retail with more than 3,600 commercial partners. Today, large numbers of commercial partners in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Spain are already benefiting from the valuable synergies created by this community.

MHK UK supports partners in specialist kitchen retail with a comprehensive service offering to achieve continued success in the market as well as further growth.

Firstclass service

Excellent purchasing conditions, a wide range of services along with targeted marketing concepts and a wide range of brands belonging to MHK UK.

MHK UK combines:
  • Attractive conditions for members through clever bundling of purchasing
  • a diverse, unified service offering for commerce and manufacturing
  • Powerful industrial partners in the UK or abroad
  • Successful brands and concepts for a variety of audiences

The structures of our community and their unique integration enable us to respond to ongoing changes in a flexible, rapid way and with the required know-how at all times, and to intensify the strengths of our individual members. MHK UK members have the privilege of being provided with all the services of our experts, be it in the form of advice, advertising or software